Where do you store YOUR photos?

As I talk to people about photography and the way they capture the everyday moments, along with special events, etc, I have discovered that people have their pictures stored in all kinds of places.  If you're like me and have inherited boxes of family photos, you have boxes and boxes stored in a closet in your house.  Add to that the many photos that reside on cd's, SD cards, flash drives, external hard drives, computers and cell phones.  It's crazy!

Last week I attended a conference in Atlanta, Ga put on by a company called Forever.  Forever came on the scene in 2012.  Based in Pittsburgh and created by Entrepreneur Glen Meakum, Forever offers a solution to "what to do with all my photos".  Forever offers a safe (triple backed up), secure (encrypted) place where you can store, print, share your photos.  The account that you sign up for is YOURS.  It belongs to you.  You can leave it to your kids in your will.  A free trial is available and has no time limit on it.  You get 3gb of storage for free.  Create your account and play with it.  The site is very user friendly and there are many You Tube videos on their YouTube channel if you need help.  

Forever also offers a place where you can create projects like scrapbooks, mugs, cards and other gift items using your photos.  

I was so impressed by what Forever is offering that I became an Ambassador for them.  This means that if you buy an account and put my name in as your Ambassador, I will earn 15% of the sale.  

I will be spreading the word about Forever to everyone I know!  If you're interested in finding out more please let me know.  Visit my FB page:  www.fb.com/RememberThisTime.  Send me a PM. 


Why do professional photographers charge so much?

Myth:  Professional photographers make a LOT of money.  $300 for a one hour shoot?  I'll bet you're thinking you should become a photographer too!  

Truth:  Professional photographers make a lot less than you think they do.  Yes, they may charge you $300 or more for a one hour shoot but let's look at what that $300+  covers.

The equipment.   A good digital camera (not even top of the line) runs about $800 without lenses.  The lenses cost anywhere from $50 to $1000 and up.  The camera and lenses, if used frequently will need to be cleaned a couple times a year.  Cameras usually need to be replaced every 3 years or so for professionals.

The editing of the photos.  Your $300 not only covers the time creating the shots, it also goes into the time it takes to edit the photos.  Hundreds of photos are taken during that one hour.  Getting those hundreds down to 30 - 50 takes time.  Once the 30 - 50 are chosen, your photographer then edits each one, checking color, sharpness, backgrounds, blemishes.  The photos then need to be uploaded to the website and to Facebook.  

The website.  There is a fee to keep a website.  

Training.  Your photographer is always trying to update her skills in photography and business which also costs money.

Travel.  Clients in other states may pay additional fees to cover the cost of the airfare or rental cars.  

And last but certainly not least, taxes.  Tax on business income is 25-30%.  

Your $300 covers a multitude of expenses.  What's left over pays the bills!  I think we can all agree that a professional photographer should make enough to pay the bills!


Why have professional portraits done?

When my girls were growing up, I took a lot of pictures.  Most parents do.  I also took them to portrait studios when I could afford to.  Every school year I bought their school pictures.  What I didn't do is have a professional photographer take portraits of them.  I regret that a lot now that I have seen first hand how nice they are when done right.  

Looking at studio and school photography now, I think that it is very impersonal.  Yes, the kids are all decked out in their best clothes, hair done just so, and have cheesy smiles plastered on their faces.  The difference between studio photography and a lifestyle photographer is like night and day. 

Lifestyle photographers, like Emily, capture your children's moods, personalities, character.  They do this by getting to know the kids thru conversation and play.   One the greatest joys for Emily is to watch and capture those personalities and moods.  Kids don't always want their pictures taken and that's ok.  Sometimes the best shots are the ones that don't include smiles.  A sullen child is just as beautiful as the one that wears an ear to ear smile.  Even if your child is not really into the shoot, Emily will get some great shots and you will see how beautiful he/she is even without that smile.  The way Emily can capture his/her moods is amazing.   She will follow a toddler around the playground while you play with him/her.  She will sometimes have bubbles to have you blow while she shoots.  You can bring a favorite toy or blanket for him/her.  Siblings playing together will create some gorgeous, frame worthy, portraits. 

Should you have professional portraits done of your children/family?  That's entirely your decision.  I hope you do at least once so that you can really see the difference between your snapshots, studio photography and school pictures.  I think that once you see the difference you will make it a regular occurrence like so many of Emily's clients have done. 

Digital Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking has been around for a long long time.  It became "a thing" about 15 years ago.  Numerous companies sprung up around the world, Creative Memories being one of them.  I was a CM consultant back in the early 90's, though I really didn't have the time or energy to focus on it.  That was when I was doing traditional scrapbooking.  I put together several albums of family photos and I spent a LOT on supplies!  I didn't stay a consultant for long as it just wasn't in the cards at the time.   I did continue to scrapbook however!  My neighbor at the time introduced me to a group of women who would go to the beach twice a year for a full weekend to scrapbook together.  Those trips were some of the best times I've had!  It was during one of those trips that I signed up as a consultant again.  This time, I was just a "personal use consultant" which means I just did it for the discounted supplies.  Sometime around 2007 CM developed digital scrapbooking software.  I didn't think I would ever be interested in it but I watched someone else put a page together and I decided to buy the program to see if I'd like it.  Boy, did I get hooked!  There was so much more portability with digital!   The nice thing, besides portability, is that you can use your papers, embelishments, etc  over and over again.  You can also change their colors!  I guess it was around 2010 that I began getting rid of most of my traditional tools and supplies.  It sure freed up a lot of space in my craft room!   As of today, I am 100% digital.   I love it and don't see myself ever going back to traditional.  We moved to FL in Dec '14 and I had to find a new group to get together with.  So far, I have only found traditional scrapbookers.  It doesn't bother me though.  They do their thing and I do mine.  The common goal is to get those photos into albums and to get the story on the page for family and friends to see.  

If you are interested in learning more about digital scrapbooking let me know.  I would love to show you how it's done!

What to wear for a family shoot? What your photographer wants you to know...

So, you've booked a shoot and now you're stressing over what to wear.  There was a time... at least a decade ago,   that someone decided that everyone in a family shoot should wear white shirts and jeans or khaki pants.  Well, people...that time has passed.  For one thing, white really washes out the skin tones.   Bright colors really liven up the shoot!   The pictures below are a great example of what colors can do for the photos.  The bright pink and blue on dad and the blue on his son match nicely with mom's pink shirt.  Their daughter has on a white top but her skirt is pink and white.  Had they all worn white tops, they would have blended in with the background and each other!   Their attire isn't too busy either.  Simple stripes along with solids.

If you are having a large family shoot, try to get some of the family to wear simple prints (small stripes, small flowers) and some to wear solids.  Having a common color or two is best but not different shades of the same color.  Keep away from white and black if at all possible, you'll be glad you did and your photographer will be too!  


Hello Everyone!

You are probably wondering what this new blog is that is titled (M)other.  Well, let me introduce myself...

I am the mom to the very talented Emily Rose!  I have been Emily's #1 fan from the beginning of her career as a photographer (and really...WAY before that!)  My name is Lindy by the way, not "Emily's mom".   

It is my hope that MY blog will be a nice addition to Emily's website.  I hope to add tips and tricks on preparing for your photo shoot as well as show you my passion for digital scrapbooking.  I will be offering scrapbooks, put together by me, of all the wonderful photos that you purchase from Emily.  Stay tuned for a price list and more information on that.   Take a look at a few of the individual pages that I have created!  (More to come later).  I must give a shout out to the creator of the beautiful digital content used in these pages.  I use a lot of her stuff in my books and pages.  Her name is Jennifer Fehr and her company is called Simple Pleasure Designs.