Where do you store YOUR photos?

As I talk to people about photography and the way they capture the everyday moments, along with special events, etc, I have discovered that people have their pictures stored in all kinds of places.  If you're like me and have inherited boxes of family photos, you have boxes and boxes stored in a closet in your house.  Add to that the many photos that reside on cd's, SD cards, flash drives, external hard drives, computers and cell phones.  It's crazy!

Last week I attended a conference in Atlanta, Ga put on by a company called Forever.  Forever came on the scene in 2012.  Based in Pittsburgh and created by Entrepreneur Glen Meakum, Forever offers a solution to "what to do with all my photos".  Forever offers a safe (triple backed up), secure (encrypted) place where you can store, print, share your photos.  The account that you sign up for is YOURS.  It belongs to you.  You can leave it to your kids in your will.  A free trial is available and has no time limit on it.  You get 3gb of storage for free.  Create your account and play with it.  The site is very user friendly and there are many You Tube videos on their YouTube channel if you need help.  

Forever also offers a place where you can create projects like scrapbooks, mugs, cards and other gift items using your photos.  

I was so impressed by what Forever is offering that I became an Ambassador for them.  This means that if you buy an account and put my name in as your Ambassador, I will earn 15% of the sale.  

I will be spreading the word about Forever to everyone I know!  If you're interested in finding out more please let me know.  Visit my FB page:  www.fb.com/RememberThisTime.  Send me a PM.