Hello Everyone!

You are probably wondering what this new blog is that is titled (M)other.  Well, let me introduce myself...

I am the mom to the very talented Emily Rose!  I have been Emily's #1 fan from the beginning of her career as a photographer (and really...WAY before that!)  My name is Lindy by the way, not "Emily's mom".   

It is my hope that MY blog will be a nice addition to Emily's website.  I hope to add tips and tricks on preparing for your photo shoot as well as show you my passion for digital scrapbooking.  I will be offering scrapbooks, put together by me, of all the wonderful photos that you purchase from Emily.  Stay tuned for a price list and more information on that.   Take a look at a few of the individual pages that I have created!  (More to come later).  I must give a shout out to the creator of the beautiful digital content used in these pages.  I use a lot of her stuff in my books and pages.  Her name is Jennifer Fehr and her company is called Simple Pleasure Designs.