So I just now, like 2 seconds ago, decided I wanted to start a blog.  You know, one for my daily ramblings and thoughts.  NOT a journal, I have one of those and its just not for anyone else's eyes.  But something of the this and that of whats happening in my life and the things that I am doing or being influenced by.  So naturally I googled "blogging" and all these links about where to blog and how to make money at it came up.  Cool stuff but it made me realize that I already have a blog and I hardly use it.  So here I am "starting" to blog.  Hopefully it will be a lasting addition to my life.  And hopefully a few people will enjoy it or get something from it.  We shall see.

Backstory:  The past year has been a big year for self discovery for me.  Its been HARD, confusing at times, and also amazing.  I had this big revelation recently that I am not JUST a photographer.  Over the past 5 years as I have grown my business I haven't focused on much else.  I poured myself into learning to properly use my camera and after 3 years of shooting in auto finally took that next step and learned to shoot in manual (a fantastic step to take, my photography improved ten fold!)  So yeah, photography, photography, photography, the business side, the camera, the posing, editing etc etc etc.  Everything became about the business and well, I got a bit burnt out.  So during the past year of getting to know me, It was huge to realize that I can do more and that I am more, so much more!  That my business doesn't have to be my whole life.  It doesn't even have to be the main part.  So now I am trying new things.  I want to learn to play the drums.  I am going to be taking a dance class.  I have learned to crochet a bit.  I am very much interested in doing lots of mixed media art.  I am finding my vision and finding my voice.  

That's where the blog kinda comes in.  A way of sharing bits of the discovery.  The real me.  The lady behind the camera.  

I'm not exactly sure how to wrap this up, but I feel strongly that I need to share what has led me to all this self discovery.  Just about a year ago I started a discipleship series called What About Me (WAM for short) by Linda Spaulding (who is now my pastor as well as my counselor) and it began the process of teaching me about my identity as a new creation in Christ.  That I am a uniquely created spirit being.  The more I dwell in God and hang out with Jesus the more I can see myself clearly, the more I can understand my worth and in turn understand the worth of others and how Jesus sees them.  It's very exciting, and also super scary, because healing is painful, and Jesus wants us to do a lot of healing once we see/feel/experience our value.  I really could go on and on and on about all of it.  For now I will just share a photo (what you actually came here for right?) and then get ready to babysit, cause I do a lot of that too.