The Barbers

The Barbers were the first family to ever pay me to do a shoot (almost 10 years ago).  I am so thankful for their support through the years.  Someday I would love to do a timeline post of their images but today I just want to share this wonderful lifestyle shoot we did in their home.  I love capturing families doing the things they love, laughing and enjoying each other.  This family loves to play board games, read, build things, and climb trees.  Lifestyle shoots are quickly becoming a passion of mine.


Thompson Family

Last year (just a few months ago) I started doing photos at the lake a few blocks away.  I really love this spot and not just because it is convenient.  Its beautiful and I love that I have such good looking clients.  I am so blessed.

Tucker Babies

The Tucker's babies are no longer babies!!  Man, that first year bundle went by in a flash!  I loved seeing this family every 3 months and I am really going to miss it.  They do plan on doing B-day photos every spring and family photos every fall, so I have that to look forward to.  This shoot was a lot of fun.  I got completely covered in hitch hikers but I still managed to get so many adorable photos of these sweet kiddos!

An Afternoon in Ybor

Its hard to believe that I have never done any shoots in Ybor before.  It has so much character!  A few of my photographer friends and I got together for lunch and some photo play downtown.  My friend Theresa brought her gorgeous daughters and Lee Anne her adorable son, they made for fantastic models.  The flare you see in some of these photos are from a prism that Lee Anne Brought with her.  I fell in love with using them and promptly purchased some from amazon.  I would highly encourage you to buy one for yourself, they are really fun to use with any camera, including the one on your phone!

Little Mr. Walter

I had such a wonderful time meeting this sweet family at Brookside Gardens.  We shot in the morning since that is the happiest time of day for little Walter (and most babies his age!)  They are about to go on a huge adventure working in Mexico and wanted to get some family portraits done before they leave!  I am so glad that they chose me to capture these memories for them.  The laughter they shared was beautiful, and I love these photos so much!

Grace Turns One!

This was my first time meeting this beautiful family and I had such a wonderful time photographing their adorable little girl Grace.  She was very much on the go since she started walking 2 months prior to her first birthday but I still managed to capture her charming spirit.  I hope to be seeing more of them as she grows!  

McKinlee is 6 Months old!

Little miss McKinlee is like most babies where she is in a much better mood in the mornings.  We first tried to do an evening shoot which went great until Mom and Dad tried to put her down.  I got a few darling crying photos and then just did some of her being held.  Given that Mom and Dad wanted some happier photos of just her on her own we decided to spend some time one morning the next week shooting in the morning in her own room :D  I am so pleased with all the adorable photos I got at both locations.  She may look a lot like her older brother but she definitely has a personality all her own.  Sassy lil thing she is!

Amanda and Damien

Beautiful children with awesome talents (that they are working very hard at!).  Amanda hasn't been playing the violin for very long but she is picks it up really fast, I love watching the clips of her on facebook playing her violin along with some of the pop songs you hear on the radio.  I have never had the pleasure of seeing Damien in action but he is a black belt so I know he can kick some serious butt.  LOL.  I could gush all day about them but I will just leave you with some pretty photos instead :D

Madison Turns One!

I have never had a cake smash go as well as this one did!  She really dug into the cupcake and made a beautiful mess :D  I bought the highchair months ago in anticipation of a few one year shoots coming up and I couldn't be more pleased with it.  I can only hope that some of the other coming up love icing as much as Maddie.  Isnt she such a doll?  Madison's mom made the banners!  I love my crafty mom clients!

Scarlett @ 9 Months

I met up with Scarlet and her adoring parents on the Saturday before Fathers Day to do these sweet photos of her at 9 months.  First year photos are so much fun because their milestones happen so fast.  From sitting up to standing up in just a few short months!  She was very happy and expressive and I am so pleased with how these turned out!  

Molly's 6 Months old!

This adorable little girl is the daughter of my long time friend, Ellie.  Again, it's blowing my mind that I get to photograph the families of my elementary school friends :D    We were blessed with a lovely overcast sky and a super easy going baby even though she wasn't feeling her best.


I am feeling overwhelmingly blessed today.  Not because my life is perfect, it's far from it.  I struggle daily just like everyone else does.  I feel blessed because so many of my clients have become friends and so many of my friends have become clients.  It gives me such deep satisfaction to get to know you while I do my shoot.  To laugh over the joys and challenges of parenting at each age and stage.  To hear what it's like to be a new parent.  I love love love when your kids want to give me a hug when we part.  I adore watching them grow.  And man oh man, when they start to talk!  So fun.  I know I can't be close friends with everyone, but after hours of looking at all your smiling faces, I really want to to be.  Thank you all for being a blessing in my life.  

Janet and Family

I met janet through another client of mine several years ago, since meeting her I have had the pleasure of doing senior shoots for both of her beautiful children.  This was a very special extended family shoot as both her and her husbands parents were there and we were able to get some priceless photos of everyone together.  I especially love the couples shots of the grandparents, so sweet!

The Bindara Family

I met this beautiful family at church when they first moved to Florida.  They are wonderful, loving people and I am so glad I was able to photograph them before they moved back to Michigan.  This session was an anonymous gift to them and they were so very thankful!  :D  

The Kirk's

During my most recent trip to Maryland I had the pleasure of not just photographing my good friend Sarah's family but having dinner with them as well.  I have known Sarah since 1st grade and I just love popping in on her when I am in town and connecting over being step moms, and home birth enthusiasts!  I love her beautiful family and hope to be doing their family photos for years to come!

The Carlin's

I always have fun "shooting" the Carlins.  Their youngest wasn't really feeling having his photo taken but you would never know it from the photos.  He smiled real good for each M&M offered :D  By the end of the shoot he was all warmed up and showing off his "G" Cape!  

Haley's Theatre Headshots

Haley is returning to the theatre taking time to expand her family.  I was super excited to update her headshots for her.  We walked around downtown lakeland and found a few spots that worked well but the funny thing is her favorite shot was taken in my backyard :D 

Natural Light Florida Headshot Photographer