Emily Rose Headshot

When I shoot, I aim to capture love.  Between siblings, parents, couples, love for life, love for animals..  Love is everywhere, in everyday moments.  When I go to edit the photos from a shoot there are always a few that stand out to me that make my heart swell with emotion:  Parents adoring their children, siblings laughing together, seniors with the excitement of their coming freedom and many life choices, kids playing with their favorite toy or laughing at the funny faces and noises their parents are making, love in its many forms.  

I am passionate about photography because I get to witness love, zoom in on it, and preserve it for years to come.

When I photograph children, I always encourage parents to participate and be in the photos with their kids.  Parents want to see beautiful portraits of their kids and often don't like the way they themselves look in photos (I am guilty of this) but when your kids grow up they are not going to see that you were overweight or had wrinkles, they are going to see the love on your face and the laughter in your eyes and be so thankful that they have photos of their whole family together.  

Book a photographer (me or anyone else whose photography style you love) to capture the love in your life.